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Alex Hunter Tours

Whatsapp +77075958270

CAR TOURS with historical overtones

You will dive into the ancient past of Eurasia!


1. One-day tour to Charyn Canyon & Mountain Lake Bartogay



2. One-day tour to the Tambaly Valley (ancient paintings on the rocks - 3 000 - 5000 years ago)



3. Two-days tour to the Mountain Lakes Kolsay & Kaindy



4. Two-days tour to the Altyn Emel Park (Singing Dune, Aktau and Katutau mountains)



The request must be made at least 1 day in advance.

The cost of a one-day tour is 75 000 tenge/group (200 $).

The cost of a two-day tour is 200 000 tenge/group (540 $).

Maximum group size is 4 people per 1 guide. We have 5 guides and cars in our team.

The price includes consultation before the tour, guiding during the tour, transportation, meals, accomodation.

Meeting place: Abay street corner Dostyk street (tourist office Visit Almaty).

*** You can ask about another routs of hikings and clinbings.

Whatsapp: +77075958270


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