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Climbing to the mountain peaks aroud Almaty
Climbing routes presented in this section are different: from easy ones that do not require climbing background, to complicated ones where technical skills are absolutely needed. We are also able to organize hard climbs and expeditions for those who feel serious climbers. 
We are proud of our experienced and attentive mountain guides whose work is not only making your climb safe and comfortable, but also teaching essential rock and ice climbing skills (like using of special equipment and general techniques).   The list of mountaineering programs (below) includes 1 and 2 day programs, as well expeditions to the most significant mounts of North and Central Tian Shan . 

For the climbs we provide: transport, mountain guide (instructor) services, special climbing gear, individual set of climbing equipment, foodstuff, bivouac equipment (for 2-day programs) or accomodation in a mountain camp.

You can choose any peak for climbing:

  • Sovetov summit 4317 m
  • Big Almaty summit 3682 m
  • Abay summit 4010 m
  • Nursultan summit 4376 m
  • Tuyuksu summit 4218 m
  • Karlytau summit 4100 m
  • Pioneer summit 4031 m
  • Khan Tengri summit 7010 m
  • Talgar summit 5017 m
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Недвижимость без комиссии по очень выгодным ценам в Алматы
Недвижимость без комиссии по очень выгодным ценам в Алматы
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Ремонт окон в алматы

Решение любых проблем с окном, дверью, ручкой, стеклопакетом, сеткой, замком, подоконником и отливом

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