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Alex Hunter Tours

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Walking or cycling  CITY TOURS

If you're a first-timer to Almaty or you are not so used to cycling, we recommend you our City Tour program as the distance covered will be easier. 

Our City Tour is an exciting ride by of some of the city's highlights, like Ist Green Bazaar, Old Orthodox Cathedral Church, Memorial of Second World War etc

Duration: 3 hours

* Walking tour: 6 000 tenge (18 $)

* Cycling tour: 8 000 tenge (24 $)

Minimum group size is 2 people.

The cost is indicated for 1 person.

The request must be made at least 2 hours in advance.







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Ремонт окон в алматы

Решение любых проблем с окном, дверью, ручкой, стеклопакетом, сеткой, замком, подоконником и отливом

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